A Lexington-based, Kentucky culture and society website.

Near Things is here to speak with our fellow Kentuckians. Our mission is to inspire Kentuckians to take part in the “larger conversation”. We think every individual is an essential part of the larger community, and hope to empower them to take action in their communities and interact in our public spaces. We hope to integrate our own passion work, projects and goals into everyday activities that uplift and engage our neighbors.

“Everything is related to everything, but near things are more related than distant things.” –Waldo Tobler


Jamari “Ari” Turner

Co-Founder, Project Coordinator and Content Creator

Jamari “Ari” Turner is a Lexington, Kentucky native. Ari is faith-driven and her experiences growing up in Kentucky seeded her passion for people, particularly under-served populations and young people. Ari works with the hope of securing a better future for her community. Ari is interested in the rich, unfamiliar histories of Kentucky and its people.

Email me: jamari.turner411@gmail.com

Caitlin Harmon

Co-Founder, Editor and Content Creator 

Caitlin is a longtime Lexington resident with family ties across the bluegrass. She is interested in how people across the commonwealth experience their environment, their role in public life, and how they negotiate the tricky dynamics at work between themselves and other actors in the public sphere.


Halsten H. Higgins

Website and Branding Manager, Content Creator

Halsten Higgins is a transplant to Kentucky from Kansas. She has a communications degree and minored in visual art and business. Her interests are eclectic like her education and experiences.  Halsten has been a part of startups, nonprofits, community projects and many creative endeavors. An entrepreneurial outlook influences much of her work.

Email me: hal.hhiggins@gmail.com


Honesty, Stewardship, Accessibility, Respectability and Service